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Week 4 - Weekly Summary - Running head WEEKLY SUMMARY...

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Running head: WEEKLY SUMMARY REPORT 1 Weekly Summary Report Katie Williams MGT/498 - Strategic Management January 6, 2012
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WEEKLY SUMMARY REPORT 2 Weekly Summary Report I have to say after having all those days off for Winter Break really helped me to get back on track. I think we all need time to get a fresh look at our work. However, all in all I really thought the discussion questions for this week, really showed us a new look at strategic management in a new way. What did I learn? What I learned this week was the various steps in implementation and control, and strategy implementation staffing and directing. In both of chapters for this week, I found many things that I think would help me understand how a business should operate strategically. I have made many notes throughout this class. I do this for all my classes, things I think I should remember before I open my business, but I found that I have made more notes for this class than any other has. I find the more information I learn that will help me run my own business the
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