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It is important for any organizations to establish some type of competitive advantage. However, when a company is to choose a specific competitive advantage they should use it as a strength, which will allow them to achieve profitability. Riordan Manufacturing is a Virtual Organization, which produces plastic mold injections. However, this company has a strong competitive advantage in product differentiation. Riordan Manufacturing uses a special type of plastic to produce their products, for instance, a plastic beverage container. When comparing this organization competitive advantage to other companies such as car manufacturing companies like General Motors or Ford. When looking at each of these companies separately, a person could see that each of these companies is successful because of the companies product differentiation lines. In addition, Riordan Manufacturing has opened their organization globally. This in turn means they have grown their market outside of the United States, such as Hangzhou, China.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, because Riordan Manufacturing has decided to expand their locations globally, this company is more reliant upon their communication systems. Therefore, Riordan Manufacturing has a strong competitive advantage in their product differentiation; they must keep their records up-to-date with industry growth, new advances in technology, and especially take a great deal of consideration in the needs of their customers. This will help them to improve their current innovation and sustainability. Product differentiation is one of Riordan's main essentials to acquiring a competitive advantage over other companies like them. They have this advantage because the market for plastic products is high in demand. According to (Wheelen, & Hunger, 2010, p.128), “Differentiation focus competitive strategy in which a company focuses on a particular target market to provide a differentiated product or service. This strategy is one of the business competitive strategies."...
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