WK 1 - MGT 445 - Running head ARTICLE ANALYSIS 1 Article...

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Running head: ARTICLE ANALYSIS 1 Article Analysis Katie L. Williams MGT 445 - Organizational Negotiation September 19, 2011 Sangeeta Walsh
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ARTICLE ANALYSIS 2 Article Analysis As a final project students need to explain both the implications of globalization and technology on negotiations. In order for one to understand negotiation, and globalization he or she must first understand the meaning of both these terms. Negotiation is “processes by which two or more parties reach agreement on matters of common interest” (Cellich, & Subhash, 2004, p. 1). Globalization is known to many “as the integration of different cultures, languages, organizations, countries, etc. from across the globe” (2010). Implications of Globalization The article found speaks on the implications of globalization for Agro-based industries in Asia and the Pacific. This particular article states that “the main implications of globalization can be divided up into several broad categories: the increased movement of goods, capital, information and labour, and the emergence of international production networks” (2001, p. 1). However, even though the main implications of globalization are split into several categories, students will only touch base on one main category; spoke of above titled the increased movement of goods. Globalizations core feature is trade agreements between various countries. “Trade liberalization lifts protectionist measures and thus allows trade flows to increase. The most
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WK 1 - MGT 445 - Running head ARTICLE ANALYSIS 1 Article...

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