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I propose that alreadty well developed dynatmic systems theories can provide a better understanding of how social categories act on bone production.Such asframework, especially if borrows from a second analyric trend called ‘life course analysis of chronic disease epidemiology”, can improve our approach to public health policy, prediction of individual health conditions, and the treatment of individuals with unhealthy bonee. We relegated it to the domain of biology andmedicine, Hormones, we learn (once more), cause naturally more assertive men to reach the top of the work place. Rape is wire into men’s brain, relative size of egg and sperm citate that men are naturally polygamous
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Unformatted text preview: Simultaneous compose of genes, hormones, cells and organs. Sex and gender in the world of biology and medicine SWHR consider itself as the nation’s only not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to improve the health of women through reseach, it encourages the study of sex difference that may affect the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease …. Traditional biomedical model of health and disease provides the intellectual framework for the research conference. “the domination oif the body by biological terms but also (contesting ) the terms of biology itself” “I have chosen bone development – an area often accepted as an irrefutable site of sex difference”...
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