Describe some of the judgments

Describe some of the judgments - Although additive analysis...

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subordination in current society, such approach fails to express the interconnection and the coexistence of the three main categories: race, class and gender. Additive analysis is based on two premises: dichotomous thinking and ranking of oppression. However, they fail to apply on people with multiple identities, which everyone does. It is also impossible to identify the actual privilege and penalties of people in their position of society. Hence, in this essay, I am going to discuss and reflect the judgment that people make on me base on my body look in three dimensions: institutional, symbolic and individual dimension of oppression. Institutional dimension refers to the systemic relationships and treatments between the domination and subordination groups through social institutions. Symbolic dimension of oppression is the images and stereotypical rumors and facts of diverse race, class and gender groups. Individual dimension of oppression is the mixture of the previous two dimensions of oppression; it describes how the previous two dimensions shape our personal biography. These oppressions foster what we consider as ‘commonsensical knowledge’ on different groups of people. These “common sense” are derive from several factors, amplifications and generalizations of personal experiences, the power of the mass media, humorous jokes on different races, environmental and cultural factors etc… They construct the society notion of how our body should looks like thus constrain people to behave in a certain way in order to fit to the social norms. I am an international student from Hong Kong. My first impressions to a lot of my new friends at York are studious, intelligent and productive. They assume that I will never attend parties with them since I will be spending my time on studying and completing course assignments in the 1
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Describe some of the judgments - Although additive analysis...

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