Interview notes - 1. Why did you choose a career in...

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1. Why did you choose a career in physiotherapy? When I graduated from high school, at that time, ‘physiotherapist’ is new profession and very much needed as there is not enough physiotherapists trained in HK at that time. Also my mom was suffering from sciatica and she received physiotherapy treatment and recovered well. So I think ‘physiotherapist’ will be good profession for me as it is challenging and meaningful as I can help others to relieve some of their suffering due to their disease. That’s why I decided to choose ‘physiotherapist’ as my career. I think it can be a very challenging and meaningful profession because help others to solve their disease and due with their suffering. Sciatica: Syndrome that people have pain because of sciatica nerve being pinch, especially people with old age, because their spine degenerates sometimes their nerve is being pinch and that can cause sciatica nerve to be irritable and cause the pain. The move from school to career How do you get the qualification of being a physiotherapist: Take the Hong Kong University Examination, An examination to go for Hong Kong University, you need to pass that examination and have certain grading, apply for polytechnique university physiotherapy faculty. When they pick you, you will need to do an interview. At that time, when we enter the profession, they need us to have a psychological test, like a written test, so that they know rather you are psychological suitable to be a physiotherapist, and then we have a physical test to see rather you are physically fit enough to be a physio, after you pass these two exams, then they will see if you want to continue, then you will have to complete 3 years of training/ courses in the polytech. These 3 years are basically a mix of theory and practical. So basically the first year is mainly theory. Starting in summer holiday of the first , you will need to go to different hospital for practical, then second and 3 rd year, is a mizx of practical and theory, sometimes you are in school in theory, sometimes you go out to different hospital doing practical. Sometimes you have to out-patient department and sometimes take care of in- patient. So it's a mix of case load. After 3 years, because you have to pass the final exam to be a qualify as a physiotherapist. How do you move from Hong Kong to Canada. I want to live in Canada, so I apply. physiotherapist is a high point as you move in as an independent immigrant, because Canada needs a lot of physiotherapist, so I apply for the immigration. At that time they have a ‘point form’, how many profession, how points you get, if you speak Englis, you get certain points, if you get into university, you get a certain points. In that way, they will see if you’re qualify to be an independeny immigant.
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Interview notes - 1. Why did you choose a career in...

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