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Pionners and Progress - Kevin Ho The concept of Olympics...

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Kevin Ho The concept of Olympics designed to act as a social force enables athlete from all over the world to compete against each other representing their different colors, races, culture and political beliefs. Athletes can travel all over the world to establish fellowship with athletes that will foster and promote international standing and cultural diversity. Athletes also are able to test themselves against the best in the world. It also promotes the ideas of fair play, character formation through athletic participation. In addition, it also promotes ideals of peace, harmony and cooperation transcend political barriers which allows the Olympics to act as a force for world peace and cooperation. Olympics aims to create a way of life based on the joy of effort and on mutual respect. Its aim is to place sport at the service, to bring about a world of peace in respect for human dignity. A lot of sport events are exclusively events currently limited to teams from North America. However, the Olympic games are inclusive, in that they belong to the world. It creates an opportunity to promote peace and understanding throughout the global community. The pervasive problems that has submerged is how to balance patriotism with the ideal of internationalism, of establishing a global community. Dr. William Penny Brookes also called as the “Father of British Physical education. HE wrote to the British parliament demanding that physical education be included in the curriculum of the nation’s school. He formed the Wenlock Olympian class, an organization that promotes the moral, physical and intellectual development of area residents. He held the firs Wenlock Olympics. At the same time, a prominent family, the Zappas family wanted to revive the Olympic games in Greek as well. He was inspired by them and started to make an effort to revive the Olympic games on an international scale starting from persuade the Greeks to claim their heritage. However, the Greek government was not in financial position to support his request.
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  • Spring '09
  • Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, International Olympic Committee, Wenlock Olympics

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