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From the skit we just performed, basically we want to show you that Chinese men were typically imaged as weak, small, feminine and incapable of doing physical activity. In addition, Chinese men are also imaged as brutal, deceptive and sexually perverse as well. These negative stereotypical views on Chinese culture bolstered the assumption that Chinese men are inadequate in the western society since they do not suit the dominant ideology of masculinity in the western culture. Historically, the media in the 90s has played a crucial role on reinforcing the societies belief about Chinese inferior culture, for example, terminology such as ‘yellow peril’, ‘yellow bellied’, ‘yellow devil’ and ‘yellow fiend’ which contributes to the construction of Chinese masculinity. Add on to that, the media also invokes historical evidences such as the bounded footed wife in the old Chinese culture, which suggests that Chinese men needs to diminish the power of women to emphasize their male power, which contributes to the derogation of Chinese
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