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Kevin Ho THE COACH –ATHLETE RELATIONSHIP: HOW CLOSE IS TOO CLOSE In this article, the negative and positive aspects of friendly and intimate coach – athlete relationship are examined. This discussion mainly follows along the continuum. At one end of the continuum, we have coaches and athletes relating to each other in the role of coach and athlete. At the other end of the continuum we have coaches and athletes who have formed sexual and/or romantic relationship. Between these ends of the continuum are varying degrees of friendship. When coaches and athletes are consider intimate, the positive aspect of the situation is that they share the same passion for the sport, but this aspect has to be weighted against the potential dangers that exist when coaches become intimate with athletes. The first danger is power differential , one partner may have expertise in otne position. Coaches position gives him or her authority to cut a player, demand extra training, to play or not to play a player in a particular game etc.. The relationship cannot possibly be equal, in other words player may fear repercussion if he or she does not accept the coach’s advances. This situation can quickly lead to sexual harassment. Scholars argue that except rare cases, intimate coach-student relationships are morally inappropriate. The
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