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Toward A New Vision Summary - Kine 1000 Tutorial 12...

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Kine 1000 Tutorial 12 Kevin Ho Student No.: 211546587 Toward A New Vision Summary: Toward A New Vision let us realize that there are a few pure victims or oppressors in the society. Everyone has varying amounts of penalty and privilege from different systems of oppression that frame our lives. The article mainly focuses on two basic questions: Suggest how can we reconceptualize race, class and gender as categories of analysis? How can we transcend the barriers created by our experience with race, class and gender oppression in order to build the types of coalitions essential for social exchange? Collins pointed out two key problems in the current additive analyses of oppression. Firstly, they depend on dichotomous thinking, that means things are conceptualized in terms of their opposites, there is only one way or the other, either its black or white, man or women, rich or poor, but in spite the fact that we all have more than one identity, this is especially troublesome when apply to people with multi-identities since every individual must be classified as being either oppressed or oppressor. The both/and position of simultaneous being oppressed and oppressor becomes conceptually impossible. Secondly, these dichotomous differences must be ranked; one side of the dichotomy must be oppressed more than others. Again, if someone asked which identity is the most oppressive, everyone has to divide themselves into little boxes in order to rank their status of oppression in different identities. Sandra Harding’s contention that gender oppression is structured along three main dimensions – the institutional, the symbolic and the individual which provide a more comprehensive analysis encompassing race, class and gender oppression. Institutional dimensions are the systemic relationships of domination and
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Toward A New Vision Summary - Kine 1000 Tutorial 12...

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