4. Nicoolo Machavelli The prince

4. Nicoolo Machavelli The prince - 1 indicating the author...

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1) indicating the author and text or source in which the term or phrase occurs, Niccolo Machiavelli (The prince) 2) describe briefly its meaning and significance to the text in which it appears Chapter XIX – a prince should seek to escape contempt and hatred: he expanded on his advice that it was better for a prince to be feared than loved but never be heated or held in contempt by people or nobles by using as evidence actions of various rulesrs. and the past experience of various roman emperors. ``` He believe that historical evidence (or his book himself) can be studied and used by the present because human nature and behavior did not change fundamentally overtime. P.69 Prince had to act and not depend on god because god will not do anything himself. We owe our success to our merit or luck not god’s intervention. “what remains to be done must be done by you; since God will not do everything himself” “those who from a private station become princes by mere good fortune hve much trouble maintain themselves “the loss of power is due to lack of merit rather than fortune “Fortune is the mistress of one half of our actions and ye t leaves the control of the other half or less to ourselves. 3) and how it impacted Western Culture. His thesis: does a prince win and hold power by luck or merit? He must win and hold power by merit not just luck or god’s will He focused on this world, the here and now not the after life, reject religious pieties and interpretation. No reference to god or divine intervention into human affairs. He emphasis on success on this life without fear or thought about the punishment
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4. Nicoolo Machavelli The prince - 1 indicating the author...

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