8. Mary Wollstonecraft

8. Mary Wollstonecraft - the basis of western civilization...

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1) indicating the author and text or source in which the term or phrase occurs, Mary Wollstonecraft (The vindication of the rights of women) 2) describe briefly its meaning and significance to the text in which it appears Assemble the facts (P.5) to search for ‘first principles’ (P.11), which were uncovered by application of right reason (pp. 12, 121). 3) and how it impacted Western Culture. Extremely revolutionary ideas in her days and are taken for granted in many society todays She was one of the most dangerous “Les Philosophies’. Her book was a direct attack on the views expressed by J-J Rousseau in “Sophie”. And Rousseau was regarded as one of the most important influential and eminent of “les Philosophies” Even more courageously, her book was a frontal assault on theory foundations of civilization – Western and elsewhere, which was based on the two-tiered gender case system or sexism – the belief in the superiority of men over women. This “caste system” was expressly outlined in the holy books such as the Judeo- Christian bible which formed
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Unformatted text preview: the basis of western civilization and culture for a very long time She attack the double standard between men and women PART II 50% -choose 1 question out of 3 (50 marks for your response, which will discuss two of the readings in your essay) She has an unsuccessful and brutal father She also help her sisters escape from her unhappy marriage. She rescue her and secure a legal divorce with her which in those days was a remarkable achievement since its both difficult and expensive Started a private school for girls She was a governess and tutor to the children of an nobleman in Ireland However, her best friend fanny died after giving birth School for girls had gone to bankrupt She was dismissed by the wife of the noblement that she had an affair wit her husband She was mistreated by her husband, tried to commit suicide twice due to his mistreatment to her. Her life was full of challenges....
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8. Mary Wollstonecraft - the basis of western civilization...

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