10. Charles Darwin The origin of the species

10. Charles Darwin The origin of the species - Locate Text:...

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Unformatted text preview: Locate Text: Charles Darwin The origin of species Define: Darwins ideas (natural selection) Change occurs in all aspects of nature, mineral, vegetable and animals. All are descended from single original type in their respective species = t he missing link Change is very slow, constant and continuous Species can change in form over a very long time Change occurs unconsciously slowly, gradually, imperceptivity over a very long period of time millions of hundred of millions of years A high rate of increase in the population is necessary because only those who successful adapt to changing environment flourish Change is necessary for the survival of a species. That is, species must change or adapt to changing environment in order to survive or they will become extinct, that is die out Change is accomplish through natural selection that is, a process of biological variation through blind chance not god The process takes place through competition or the struggle for survival between and among species that is, the species or member of a species best able to adapt biologically to a changing environment will survive Any change or variation, however miniscule that provides a species with a biological advantage onto survive is perpetuated through procreation. Other unable to adapt will be eliminated The core of his idea is evolution over time through natural selection in order to adapt to a changing environment Natural selection only impact on species NOT individual or social classes or nations or races Dinosaurs rules the earth millions of years and long before human, but they could not adapt to earth changing environment They died out before hum emerged. And human survive because they have been able to successfully adapted to earths changing environment Utilitarianism Based on the principle that people sought pleasure to avoid pain Translate this into biological concept Most fundamental pleasure = existence itself survival Most fundamental pain = extinction death. Species seek to survive and avoid extinction. They sought to avoid extinction by perpetuating their species By changing their characteristics over time that is, they evolved by adapting to changing environments The contest of life was won by the survival of the fittest by which he meant those species best able to adapt to changing environments Immuntability (no change) vs (trans) multability(change) Religious beliefs: changes does not occur in nature,. A perfect God or gods created perfection and perfection does not change or need to be changed However Charles Darwin argued that change had occurred in nature How does change occur Uniformitarianism = over a long period of time Darwin accepted the principle of uniformitarianism as an important key to his search for a solution to his intellectual problem...
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10. Charles Darwin The origin of the species - Locate Text:...

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