11. Frakenstein (Mary Shelley)

11. Frakenstein (Mary Shelley) - Locate the Quote:...

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Locate the Quote: Frankenstein Mary Shelley Definition: Victor Frankenstein Represent as a scientist, but his profession is not exactly celebrated in the way science is celebrated and championed by Enlightenment philosophy. With its multiple narrators and, hence, multiple perspectives, the novel leaves the reader with contrasting interpretations of Victor: classic mad scientist, crossing all boundaries without concern, or brave adventurer into unknown scientific lands, not to be held responsible for the consequences of his explorations. Obsess with science but has little regard for the consequences of experimentation Lack of responsibility can lead to unimaginable torment and tribulation His biggest fault: pride The dangers of science, a key theme of the novel, relates to Victor’s lack of responsibility for the ethical consequence of his experimentation and the havoc that wreaks on society. The monster: A romantic Figure? Starting off showing child like qualities of innocence and goodness Eager to learn language, how to speak, read, write Naïve and ignorant of the ways of the world Wants to love and be loved and shows sympathy and compassion for others Searching for a nurturing and loving father to guide him Gets treated badly by society and rejected and this leads to his evil way, murder, vengeance The monster represent the benevolence of a state of nature and how this goodness becomes corrupted by society/civilization Paradise Lost “Creature reads paradise lost and starts to identify with story” “after denied eve, creature becomes like Satan, angry, full of pride and vengeance.” A Renaissance Epic Story of Stan’s fall from heaven and Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Garden f Eden Epigraph: God/maker = Frankenstein This respresents fallen humanity, Adam after the fall and Satan the fallen angel. Prior to Fall, creature represents innocence and the bucolic country ofte cottagers
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11. Frakenstein (Mary Shelley) - Locate the Quote:...

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