Locke and Machiavelli

Locke and Machiavelli - unchaning over time Human behavior...

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Locke’s two treatise on civil government are the antithesis of maciavelli’s book. Machiavelli’s book was written to tell a prince how to win and hold power Locke’s book were written against a prince, laying out an alternative to the absolutist or dictatorial vviews the king was entertaining Machiavelli’s book is based on his belief that human behavior and motivation are
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Unformatted text preview: unchaning over time. Human behavior and motivation can be reduced to a natural law. John locke also assumed that human nature was unchanging. Machiavellian is more on the negative word for achieving ones goals by manipulating other through whatever means necessary Lockes more liberal and democratic view have survived in a much more postivei light....
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