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Same side of the face - -why people with restricted lung...

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Same side of the face Opposite side of the body For the brain Deep vein thrombosis, only non-faatl Common Lung diseases - Asthma - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - Bronchitis - Emphysema Main types of lung disease - Pulmonary circulation didsease - Sth do with blood vessel andant take up oxygen (embolism) - Anything happen to blood vessel Restrictive lung tissue disease - affect the structure of lung - cant inflate the lung normally, - do to the ability to take a deep breath - pulmonary fibrosis (very hard lung tissues) - severe obesity (weight of adipose tissue) Restrictive lug disea - very hard to breath - increased work of breathing - work harder
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Unformatted text preview: -why people with restricted lung disease cant do same type of eexercise-require more oxygen and cant get that air-shallow breath (reduced tidal volume) (musch easier for muscle)-Increased respiratory flow rate (blow out the air cery easily) -Harder to breath in, and fast to breath out-Non uniform distribution of ventilation – some various part of the lung working and not, amount of lung use will reduce-Fibrosis also impairs gas transfer at the alveolar-capillary surface-Like a scar tissue-Poor gas exchange Mechanical (harder to breath) and reduce area for gas exchange problem as well...
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