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Voltaire and Rousseau

Voltaire and Rousseau - Romanticism(intellect harness to...

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Vooltaire and Rousseau Voltaire: Rationalism (passion harnessed to intellect) Liberal Enlighted Despotism Limited franchise and office holding Males, rich Education (rational) Sexist (collaborative) Wealthy upper and middle classes Religious toleration (Deism) Civilization is good when its reational and liberal Personally weathy Enlighed man and woman Rationalism Rousseau:
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Unformatted text preview: Romanticism (intellect harness to passion) Democratic (general will) Eglitarain/equalitarian Broad franchise Majority rules For males only according to his educational system Sexist (women trained as helpmates) Middle and lower classes Nature is supreme Civilization bad Corrupts human nature Purposely poor Noble savage Sympathy vs empathy....
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