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Abstract - community-based programming The questionnaires...

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Abstract Article: Community-based Programming: Perceived Levels of Utility, Practice, and Encouragement among North Carolina Community College Mid-level Managers By: Elizabeth Hope Adams Community-based programming is the courses specified for a certain community need on a community college level. For instance, the addition of an agricultural program to a university was aimed to prepare students for the need of local agribusiness career opportunities. This community-based program became the first community college model. It is job community colleges to practice the community-based programming. This dissertation tests how much mid- level managers at North Carolina Community College think community-based programming should occur and how much they believe it is occurring. The testing is conducted by method of questionnaires and breaks down the categories to see 1. If community-based programming have utility 2. If it is practiced commonly and 3. If mid-level managers are encouraged to engage in
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Unformatted text preview: community-based programming. The questionnaires were distributed to mid-level managers to fill out. Mid-level managers in this case were: deans, directors, and anyone who helps implement decisions of top managers. What is uncovered is that mid-level managers willingness to implement the programming techniques will be bad if community-based programming is not stimulated.sak This relates to a community-based partnership like our online discussion. It is a test on how well the partnership is actually working. It tests for the ability of one side to carryout the expectation of the other. In this case it is the mid-level managers and the top managers. This also deals with the issue of selective perception on the intrapersonal level because the questionnaires require the mid-level managers themselves to grade, this using their selective perception....
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