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Jacqueline chang Chap 6 problems 24. a. 4,932,085,000 yrs b. 1.2823421 x 10^11 yrs 26. a. 19,900 edges b. 20,100 edges 30. a. i. ADBC/ CBDA II. 85 b. i ABDC ii 110 c. i CBDA ii 85 d. i DBCA ii 125 32. a. AEBCDA – 113 mins b. DAEBCD – 113 mins c. AEBCDA – 113 mins A page is ripped in my book so I cannot see question 34. I need to see it in order to do 40 and 46.
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Unformatted text preview: If I could get a copy of this problem in class, can I make up these two questions? 40. find repetitive nearest neighbor & time for 34 46. cheapest link & time for 34...
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