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Chapter 1 questions

Chapter 1 questions - changes the winner Supplemental...

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Chapter 1 questions 12. A. A and B tie B. B C. A 18. A. B B. 153 102 55 202 108 20 110 160 175 155 A A A B B B C C A B C B C A C C A B C C B C B C A A B A B A C. A D. Violates majority criterion. A has less than half the votes. 20. A. D. B. This is a violation of the majority criterion because D is the winner with Borda Count method when majority of the voters wanted C to be the first choice. C. This election violates the Condorcet criterion because A is the Condorcet candidate but not he winner when using the Borda count method. 24. A. 100 pts. B. 20 pts. C. 15 pts. D. 300 pts. E. 49 pts. 34. A. C B. B C. Monotonicity criterion 38. D 42. A. D,B,C,A B. A,B,C,D C. C,D,B,A D. B,A,C,D 60. A. C B. B C. C D. Condorcet criterion – Because C is the Condorcet candidate, but B wins Monotonicity criterion – B gets more votes, but A wins. Independence of irrelevant alternate – Because one person drops out but
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Unformatted text preview: changes the winner. Supplemental Problems 1. A. West Virginia, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Pittsburg. B. They can vote West Virginia as 3 rd or 4 th place. C. No. They already ranked their favorite at 1 st place so Pittsburg can’t gain any more points. They also ranked Vest Virginia at last place, so they can’t take away any more points and change the winner. D. Because Rutgers is second choice and Pittsburg has no chance, the block of voters should switch Pittsburg from 1 st place to 3 rd place on the preference list. 2. A. Yes. Condorcet criterion B. no. C. no. D. yes. Monotonicity criterion E. no. F. yes. Independent of irrelevant alt....
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Chapter 1 questions - changes the winner Supplemental...

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