Chapter 3 questions

Chapter 3 questions - [0,2] [10,12] = 33.33% K- will pick...

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Chapter 3 questions 12. d. s3 e. Duncan only has one fair share option so s3 becomes his. This eliminates s3 as an option for parties a and b, giving them s4 and s2 respectively. Party C then receives s1 because s2 is no longer an option. 18. a. Nick would cut so that s1= [0,20] and s2= [20,28] b. Martha would pick the piece [0,20] and it would be worth $6.75 to her. 30. a. Betty is the divider because she doesn’t list her preferences. b. a- s1, s2, s4 b- s2 c- s1, s4 d- s4 c. a- s2 b- s3 c- s1 d- s4 32. a. s1- [0,4] s2- [4,8] s3- [8,10] s4- [10,12] b. All d. Proceed with divider chooser method. Who gets which piece depends on who is picked as the chooser. Jared will pick either piece, but Karla will definitely pick [0,4]. 42. a. s1= [0,6] s2=[6,12] b. Karla picks s1 because of the veggies. And cuts into [0,2] [2,4] [4,6] c. Lori cuts the other piece into [6,8] [8,10] [10,12] d. J- Jared likes all pieces equally so he will choose one of each.
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Unformatted text preview: [0,2] [10,12] = 33.33% K- will pick veggies b/c she is vegetarian. [2,4] [4,6] = 66.66% L- likes meat better than veggie. [6,8] [8,10] = 44.44% 56. a. alan- $29,333.33 bly- $28,333.33 Claire- $35,666.66 b. item 1- Claire iten2- Claire item 3- Bly item 4- Claire item5- Bly c. surplus= $21,666.66 d. Alan- +$36,555.55 Bly- items 3 &5 and -$6,444.44 Claire- items 1, 2, &4 and -$30,111.11 70. a. a- before last reeses and after 1 st baby ruth. Plus one crunch b- all snickers and 1 crunch c- before last snicker and after 1 st reeses. Plus one baby ruth d- before second reeses and after 1 st baby ruth b. a- 1 reeses, 1baby ruth, 1 nestle b- 1snickers, 1 reeses, 1 baby ruth c- 1snickers, 1nestle d- 1 reeses, 1 baby ruth c. a- either nestle or baby ruth b- Baby ruth c- snickers d- baby ruth There should be no arguments if the pickier ones go first. (B wont pick snickers and A wont pick Nestle before C goes.)...
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Chapter 3 questions - [0,2] [10,12] = 33.33% K- will pick...

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