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COMM AND SOCIAL CHANGE Group – Intra Personal level – Ashley, Melinda, Linda ?, Akshat Empirical data preferred. – not limited to comm. Journals (within 10 yrs) Engagement principles - colearn/ collab/ equal partner side note ** - shell gas – in Nigeria – soc respon say built water tanks- façade- b/c no water in these tanks. WOMP **- Rodriguez - ferris law – military medical issues engagement practices – entry/partnership/collab/implement/sustain/reentry(exit) Intrapersonal Level – based exper.religion/ etc INTERPERSONAL – everything very salient in this level Engagement is not the same as Involvement- Involved can be inactive Stereo typing vs discrimination. Bad when neg and inflexible? Interpersonal comm. – preset ideas affect comm. With others?
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Unformatted text preview: Lit synth – need research q to guide (over arching) Look at principles and practices from abstracts and see where themes are Background = 3 pgs Research question Heading/subheading – let prof know what talking about Define things before talk Intro (bolded) – centered Steop one (bold & italicized) Step one italicized Step one CBPR principles Principles- community = unit identity, builds on community. Assets, collaborative equal partnership, colearning , sustainability One pg group member rating w/ brief explain Comm. Engage Entry, artnership, collaboration, dissemination sustainability, reentry Comm. Strat- self reflect, social decenter, free of jargon, aware of comm. Channels, mindful 3 pgs bg 2 princples 2practices-how interlevels...
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