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Jacqueline Chang Kony 2012 Is the Kony 2012 campaign good or bad? Seems like everyone has his or her two cents on the topic. The critics of Kony have a point; this methodology may not be the best in dealing with this issue. People may be blindly following the campaign that paints a very linear and simplistic picture of a complex issue. For example that Kony is a bad man who needs to be stopped. Audiences are not clearly lead to a how to go about doing this. To that respect, critics of Kony 2012 are right. Pressing a button to share the message does not mean that the problem is solved. They also criticize the group to use a lot of donations to make their films. That is also true, however, in today’s society that is the most effective way to get the message out on issues. I believe the film has been most effective in gaining awareness on Kony and the atrocities he committed. Without that tool, much of the effort would still be unknown. So here is where I
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Unformatted text preview: cannot side with critiques per say. Just because it is the best way to go about something, the Kony 2012 campaign was meant for good and has generated so much attention and scrutiny of this specific issue. Without it would people be examining this at all? Probably not. The thing is that anything picked up as mass or popular culture is not going to be received for all its complexities by a wide audience. With an audience of 100,000+ people, they will generally understand an overview of the story. Few would have known the story prior to the campaign and some still don’t know. From the people who now know, not many will do extra research and look into the issue. Kony 2012 was aimed to have people pay attention to this problem so it could be fixed. To that respect they did as much as they could. If I had to take on an issue that barely anyone knew about and tried to make the world pay attention, I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job....
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