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1 16.317: Microprocessor-Based Systems I Spring 2012 Exam 1 Solution 1. (20 points, 5 points per part) Multiple choice For each of the multiple choice questions below, clearly indicate your response by circling or underlining the single choice you think best answers the question. a. Which of the following is not an element of a processor software model? i. Register set (what registers are available, what their purposes are) ii. What operations the processor can perform iii. Organization of the memory space iv. Organization of the physical pins used to interface with the outside world v. Types of data the processor can use b. Each statement below names and describes a functional unit on the 80386DX. Which of these descriptions are correct? A. Bus unit: handles interface to memory and devices outside the processor B. Execution unit: terminates professors who do not get tenure C. Segmentation and paging unit: handles memory management and protection services D. Prefetch unit: translates instructions into microcode operations E. Decode unit: accesses memory to fill queue of instructions waiting to be decoded i. Only A ii. A and C iii. A, C, and D iv. A, C, D, and E v. A, B, C, D, and E
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2 1 (cont.) c. Given AX = 0009H, DX = 0000H, and (DS:0100H) = 0002H, what is the result of the instruction: DIV WORD PTR [0100H]? i. AX = 0000H, DX = 0009H ii. AX = 0009H, DX = 0000H iii. AX = 0004H, DX = 0001H iv. AX = 0001H, DX = 0004H v. AX = DEADH, DX = BEEFH d. Assume the stack is initially empty before the following sequence of instructions:
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01 (1) - 16.317: Microprocessor-Based Systems I Spring 2012...

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