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Unformatted text preview: CS 473: Fundamental Algorithms, Spring 2012 HW 0 (due Tuesday, 23:55:00, January 24 2012) This homework contains two problems. Read the instructions for submitting homework on the course webpage . Note, that you have to submit your solution online (no paper submission). You also have to do quiz 0 online! Collaboration Policy: For this homework, each student should work independently and write up their own solutions and submit them. Read the course policies before starting the homework. 1. ( 50 pts. ) Tournament ranking. A set of n tennis players P 1 ,...,P n play in a tournament in which every player plays a match with every other player (a total of ( n 2 ) matches are played). There are no ties so for each pair of players ( P i ,P j ), i 6 = j either P i wins over P j or vice-versa. We write P i ≺ P j if P j wins against P i in their match. We wish to rank the players from 1 to n with 1 being the best and n being the worst and justify the ranking. Let P i 1 ,P i 2 ,...,P i n be a ranking of the...
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