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Final Exam -Bliss 205 7:00 PM - May 9, 2011 40 points MC (Advanced SQL chapter 8) Quiz #2 before Exam 20 Points Essay Chapter 7 o Key Digital Networking Technology Packet Switching TCPIP Client Server Technology o Components of Networks Chapter 10 o Unique features of EC Ubiquity Global Reach Universal Standards Personalization/Customization Information Density. .etc. o Digital Markets Vs. Digital Goods o Business Model
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Unformatted text preview: Pure Play Click & Mortar o 3 major E-Commerce Categories (?) • Chapter 11 o Categories of Knowledge Explicit Tacit o Organizational Learning o Knowledge Management Value Chain • Stages o Three major types of KMS Enterprise Wide • 3 types o Structured o Semi structured o Knowledge Networks Knowledge Work Systems Intelligent Systems 40 SQL (Based on Project)...
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