geg - 1. The first type of city Ruchelman identifies is...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. The first type of city Ruchelman identifies is headquarter cities. Headquarters cities are cities that have a high concentration of corporations, banks, and high-level producer service entities. One example of a headquarter city is New York City which is centered around world capital finance. A second example is Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a "prototypical postmodern city." The second type of city is known as Innovation Centers. One example of this type of city is San Jose, California, also known as Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is where thousands of startup firms began to form. A second example is Boston, Massachusetts. The expansion of Route 128 attracted many technology firms to the area. A third type of city mentioned are Old Industrial Cities. One example is Detroit, Michigan. Detroit used to be the major manufacturing capital of the US. A second example is Newark, New Jersey. Newark formerly was a manufacturing hub and was very successful due to its proximity to NY. However, now it is one of the nation's poorest cities because manufacturing is no longer required to be close to markets. A fourth type of city mentioned is Border cities. One example is Tucson, Arizona, which is located on the bottom tip of the state. Approximately, one third of the population is Hispanic. A second example is Miami, Florida. This metropolitan area's main focus is on trade, immigration, and finance. A fifth type of city mentioned is retirement cities. These are the cities where people flock to when they no longer want to live in a fast pace environment. The Saint Petersburg, Florida area is just one of the many cities in Florida made up of retirees. A second example is Sun City, Grand near Phoenix, Arizona. Many retirees also flock here, where they can experience a different culture than Florida's....
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geg - 1. The first type of city Ruchelman identifies is...

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