Special Project 2 dijon 5 - Dijon Layne BUSA 2106 March 27,...

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Dijon Layne BUSA 2106 March 27, 2012 SPECIAL PROJECT 2: ARTICLE REVIEW Part I. Associated Press. “As High Unemployment Persists, States Seek to Protect Jobless Against Hiring Bias.” The Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/as-high- unemployment-persists-states-seek-to-protect-jobless-against-claims-of-hiring- bias/2012/03/23/gIQAR1j4US_story.html. March 23, 2012. Part II. Like many areas across the country, Americans are still faced with the harsh conditions in the job market today. Many of them are actively seeking work, but just cannot seem to find anything change their status. The unemployment rate still remains high at 8.3 percent, approximately three years after the Recession in the United States was declared over (Associated Press 2012). Unfortunately, some Americans know why they have not been able to secure an interview that could lead to becoming financially stable once again. It is brought to the attention of a few jobseekers that employers may shy away from pursuing candidates by noting the gap in employment history. Meanwhile, earlier this year, states such as California, Florida, Iowa, New York and several others have been seeking legal protection to prevent discrimination against the jobless by employers that launch hiring campaigns (Associated Press 2012). Employers are faced with a battle to justify their selection process in times where many people are seeking positions to sustain themselves, regardless of related experience or education; and the unemployed are subjected to being passed through the
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food chain of the work force, competing for work anywhere that needs a hiring void to be filled. For some, they may see it as their fate is held in the hands of prospective employers. Part III. This article relates to this course because it exhibits an issue that is relatable to many of the students, graduates, and many others that are actively seeking employment. It also relates to this course because it raises question as whether or not employers are discriminating against the
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Special Project 2 dijon 5 - Dijon Layne BUSA 2106 March 27,...

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