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Portfolio Workbook Instruction Manual (Note this instruction manual has been updated as of Sep 2009.) THE ASSIGNMENT You have just received a $5,000,000 from your grandfather as a gift. He has told you to invest this money wisely and in many different areas. If you do well, he will give you more money to invest. If you don’t, then oh well, it was a great experience you learned a lot. You are free to buy and sell as much as you like with these caveats: you must make at least two trades a week and by the end of the semester you must have traded each financial instrument at least once. We will review each instrument in class. At the end of the semester, you will turn in a printout of the pages from your portfolio, as well as a one page paper discussing your performance and what you have learned from this exercise. The performance of your portfolio will have no influence whatsoever on your grade. GENERAL INFORMATION This manual explains how to effectively use the Excel Portfolio to track your financial instruments. There are seven worksheets in the workbook, and this Instruction Manual is arranged in the order they appear in the workbook. Hopefully most of your questions about how to use the spreadsheet will be answered by this document: I’ve tried to be detailed about the meaning of specific cells, what information you need to enter into those cells, and where you can find that information on the web. On each of the six financial instruments worksheets, there are column titles that have the following meanings: -light green backgrounds contain the data you must enter to begin a trade -gray background columns must be updated as prices change -yellow backgrounds indicate that the columns are calculated for you. -black backgrounds with white text indicates that the columns will be updated for you until the close of the trade, at which point in time you must enter the price at which you sell the stock. When you open the spreadsheet, you may be asked if you want to enable macros. When you are asked this question, select enable (yes). If you don’t enable the macros, the spreadsheet will not work properly. This workbook will allow for at least 80 trades for each type of financial instrument. Please do not move data around – it causes problems. Instead, use the copy, cut, and paste functions. The spreadsheet has been simplified from the original version – consequently, certain columns have been hidden. You may unhide these columns at your own risk. Please be sure to save your work frequently. If there is an error in your spreadsheet, and you can’t easily fix it, just close without saving, and reopen the spreadsheet. Through out the workbook you will notice some cells have red triangles in the corners. These are notes giving you a little explanation about what you can or should do with those cells (most of it is just copied from this document). Where to Find Data
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Portfolio Manual - Portfolio Workbook Instruction Manual...

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