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Company and Products Description

Company and Products Description - their athletic line will...

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Company and Products Description Backstage Inc. is a local company, based out of South Jordan. It was founded in 1982 by its co-owners, Bryan and Bonnie Steele, who then owned a flourishing dance studio. They found that it would be cheaper for their students if the two of them bought their students’ shoes at wholesale and then sold them to their students. Since then, it has expanded to designing all types of custom dancewear alongside their shoe retail business. This includes warm-ups, costumes, practice outfits, hoodies, and t-shirts. Its clientele now includes nearly all high school dance teams in Utah, and many nationwide dance studios, and even the Cleveland Cavalier dancers. The mission statement for Backstage Inc. is, “Outfit groups in high quality, decorated performing arts and sports apparel while providing a high level of customer service.” Recently, Backstage plans to extend their brand with this new line of athletic apparel so they can create another profit center in their business. Similar to their line of custom dance wear,
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Unformatted text preview: their athletic line will be completely customized for each team. The line will include uniforms, warm-ups, t-shirts, and even fan wear for the schools to sell to parents and other students. This will be unique for the teams because they will have the ability to customize so many different lines from one source. Backstage provides a high quality product that has produced a very large “love group” for over 20 years. They feel they can do the same with this new line of athletic wear. Backstage Inc.’s goal is to attain 25% of the market share in the next three years. There are two key issues that are needed for them to achieve. First objective is to successfully market directly with the coaches to convince them of the high quality and customer service that Backstage provides, compared to the rest of the market, and persuade them to switch. Second objective is to use their love group that is already established in the high schools to help them market to these coaches....
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