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Rate your current strategy worksheet rev22512 (1)

Rate your current strategy worksheet rev22512 (1) - (Yes/No...

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Rate Your Current Strategy Worksheet: A Quick-and-Dirty Test Company Name _____________________________ Business Unit Name (if applicable) ____________________________ Instructions: Give your company one point for each positive answer, and then add the points. TOTAL POINTS 1. Is the current strategy simple and clear enough to restate in 50 words or less?  If so, please  restate it.  (Yes/No) 2. Does the current strategy appear to be based on thoughtful strategic analysis? (Yes/No) Why?   3. Are the elements of the strategy internally consistent? (Yes/No) Justify your conclusion. 4. Does the strategy specify targeted markets in which the business actively competes? (Yes/No) 5. Does the strategy explain how the firm intends to create unique value for its customers? 
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Unformatted text preview: (Yes/No) 6. Is there a clear economic logic to the strategy (i.e., will it capture superior value?) (Yes/No) 7. Is the strategy reasonable in terms of the firm’s current resources (i.e., financial, capital, management, and human resources)? (Yes/No) 8. Does the strategy leverage the firm’s competitive advantages in resources, capabilities, and/or industry position? (Yes/No) Explain. 9. Is the firm’s ability to differentiate its products and/or services potentially sustainable given industry trends? (Yes/No) 10. Is the firm likely to accomplish its strategic objective(s) (i.e., arrive at Point B in the planned timeframe) with execution goals and action plans that fit its current strategy? (Yes/No)...
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