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Kimbra Ussery ENGL 1101 12/5/2011 Dear Mrs. Joyner, When reviewing the contents of my folder and rereading my work, I can now see that my first completed draft was terrible. As I told you, the “so what” for the narrative was definitely the hardest part of the whole assignment. This is obvious when looking at my first draft because there I no “so what.” When comparing it and my second draft, the only major change was in the first and last paragraph where I squeezed in my “so what.” I thought my idea for the “so what” was good. It was about scars being a physical representation of a hardship that you went through. However, it was hard to incorporate this throughout my paper. In our last revision, I changed my “so what” completely. Instead, I focused on sibling relationships and the differences between my brother and me. Basically, even though he hurt me,
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Unformatted text preview: I still could not hate him because he was my brother. This ended up flowing so much better with my paper. I ended up only having to change a lot in my first and last paragraph and just added more details throughout to support my idea. I felt that almost everything we did in preparation for this writing assignment was productive. However, I do not understand the point of making us do that assignment where we rewrote our first and last paragraph. It was after we turned in our folder with all of our work and we were not given another chance to revise until now. Also, I am indifferent about the time we spent away from our narratives. I think it helped me to find the flaws in my writing better, but it was kind of hard to collect my thoughts again after such a long period of time. Sincerely, Kimbra L. Ussery...
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