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Kimbra Ussery ENGL 1101 11/30/2011 I believe I put at least in the 90 percent range of effort into my narrative. Each time I was offered a chance for revision and improvement I changed my paper based on feedback I received. I could have put more effort into it by not procrastinating. This would have given me more time to focus on the paper and making sure it was the best product instead of just trying to get it done. When rereading my narrative, it almost seems like I’m just telling the story. There are lots
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Unformatted text preview: of details. If allowed to revise my paper, I would focus on making my “so what” more evident throughout my narrative. Scars are physical evidence of things that we have been through. The idea is that my scar is symbolic of that incident. I’m also not sure how I feel about all of the dialogue anymore. It might better keep a reader’s attention if I left that stuff out....
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