scarpaper - Kimbra Ussery “Smash!” In surprise I...

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Unformatted text preview: Kimbra Ussery 8/29/2011 “Smash!” In surprise I stumbled back from the table. Food was everywhere – all over the table and the floor. My brother and the other customers gasped and looked in shock toward the sound. Then I watched as their looks of shock turned into stares of horror. “Wait, what happened? Why are they looking at me like that?” I looked closer and saw pieces of the cracked plate that littered the floor along with the food. “Oh,” I thought, “I just bumped the plate against the table a little too hard and it broke. No biggie, but ugh! How embarrassing?!” At this moment, I realized I was still holding one piece of plate in my hand. I let it drop to the floor. I stared at it as it seemed to fall in slow motion. “What is that red liquid all over it?” Then I noticed that same red liquid dripping from my hand to the floor. “Okay, Kimbra, calm down. It’s just a little bit of blood. The broken plate just gave you a little cut, nothing to stress about.” Then I brought my blood....
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scarpaper - Kimbra Ussery “Smash!” In surprise I...

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