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Kimbra Ussery 8/31/2011 The Miracle Quilt I think the author wants us to realize the value in everything even if it is not in its best condition anymore. This quilt had already been discarded by another shopper because of its condition, but it was still beautiful to the writer. She bought it, took it home, cleaned it up, and placed it at the end of her bed to cherish. She did not know who the quilt’s original owner or creator was nor did she know their story behind it, but she understood how much work they put into it so she could not bear for it to be mistreated or damaged further. I also think the author is very family-oriented because she often refers to the time she spent with her grandmother. She also sees the importance of sentimental value over materialistic value. She could have went to almost any store and found a much prettier or cooler blanket to buy, however, she chose the quilt that has a story and meaning behind it. Why I Hunt: A Predator’s Mediation
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