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Kimbra Ussery 8/26/2011 Why I Hunt: A Predator’s Mediation Save this document for yourself. You do not need to post it, but I will look for it in your folder when you submit the narrative for evaluation. In writing, respond to the following questions for EACH of the pieces you were to read for homework. One word or one sentence answers are not good enough. I suggest reading and completing the questions for one piece, then reading and completing for the second piece. The order in which you read the two pieces is up to you. 1. What’s your gut reaction to this piece of writing? Respond to the entire piece, and then to specific ideas, images, etc. This story is written in a different way than I am used to. It seems to be written in separated phrases and fragments, almost a form of poetry. Many phrases are also repeated for emphasis. This story does not exactly appeal to me because I am a vegetarian, and the one time I did go hunting with my father, it was not a fun experience for me. I can see that the writer does have mixed emotions about hunting. He wants to go hunting because he feels like it is what he is made to do; he is responsible for getting food for his family. Even though I do not eat meat or hunt, I do agree with his logic. He can trust that meat he has killed, cleaned, and cooked himself is healthier for himself and his family. There is too much skepticism in today’s times about the
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whyihuntquestions - Kimbra Ussery 8/26/2011 Why I Hunt: A...

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