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Kimbra Ussery ENGL 1102 1/24/2012 Wisdom Builders pg. 17 Unexpected Event: A random conversation with one of my best friends about colleges. Result: She convinced me to apply to Georgia Southern. Unexpected Event: A talk with my aunt about my future. Result: She talked me in to considering becoming a pharmacist and helped me to choose my major. Mindsets – Chapter 3 The mindset that most fit me was the Reflective Mindset. This surprised me because the book stated that this was the least used mindset. When you are in the Reflective Mindset, you generally think before you speak. I always try to follow this rule. For example, if someone sends me a text message or email that upsets me I always allot a certain amount of time to consider my
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Unformatted text preview: reply before I respond. When it comes to any kind of situation, even classwork, I like to have time to think about my answer. Model Letter Notes Letter Model FYE: • tips for success at GSU • excite students for freshmen year • informs of differences in college and high school • provides important attendance information Letter Model Honor Society Invite: • persuade to join an organization • commend for academic success • informs about activities the organization does Letter Model iLead • persuade to volunteer • commend for accomplishments • how to apply...
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