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Kimbra Ussery ENGL 1102 2/9/2012 Hey Mrs. Joyner, Even though my audience choice may not have been very creative, I chose to write to the Science Club at my high school. As I’ve told you numerous times before, my high school was very small and lacking in the area of extracurriculars. My choices were limited and this seemed to be the most logical choice. Examples of code words I used in my letter were abbreviations such as “TCHS” and “GSU.” I also referred to the students taking Mrs. Jones place. She is the stereotypical, been there forever, high school science teacher. It was a stab at a joke about her finally retiring. You may not necessarily consider this a “code word,” however, it is an inside joke with my audience so I feel it served the same purpose. In writing my letter, I mostly wrote from my personal experiences about my major. I actually did very little research. I did refer to the information regarding Pre-Pharmacy on the Georgia Southern website. I also checked out
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