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Adjusting to College Kimbra Ussery College has been something I have been looking forward to as long as I could remember. Grade school never interested me. I felt as if it were nothing more than a fourteen yearlong speed bump on the road to where I was really heading in life. College is the first step to getting there. I was excited to think about making new friends and getting involved in everything Georgia Southern University has to offer. However, there were still some things that concerned me like managing my time effectively, budgeting my money, and harder schoolwork in larger quantities. I was also worried about losing touch with my family and high school friends since I was moving so far away and was going to be so busy. I decided to take these new experiences as a challenge. College officially started for me on move in day. Instead of moving in to my dorm on August 19 th like everyone else, I got to move in early (on August 12 th ) due to being in the Southern Pride Marching Band. We have band camp the week before classes start. I thought it would be great to be all moved in and settled in when my roommates and other classmates got here, but it did not exactly turn out the way I hoped. I ended up having band practice all day long: nine in the morning until nine at night with breaks for meals. At night after practice, I was too tired to even think about finishing unpacking! It turns out that my room was still a mess when my roommates got here a week later; they were even unpacked before me! This was my first taste of the busyness of college living. Thankfully, it is safe to say that the weeks got easier after this one. Even after all my stresses about schoolwork, I was still looking forward to when classes started. However, I still even had the standards fears about my first day: getting lost, coming into class late, having a mean professor, etc. Unsurprisingly, my first day actually went by fairly smoothly. I was able to
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2012 for the course FYE 1200 taught by Professor Sipe during the Fall '11 term at Georgia Southern University .

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adjustingtocollegeproject - Adjusting to College Kimbra...

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