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Kimbra Ussery FYE 1200 10/4/2011 Study Guide: Evaluating Information Page 1 of 3 Information Explosion 1. Create a chronology of how information has been created and shared. orally – the amount of information available was limited to what could be remembered and passed on through telling; writing was invented and information could be recorded on stones or clay tablets; paper was invented, and information could be recorded and shared more easily than before 2. How did the invention of the printing press change how information was created and distributed? led to mass distribution of information 3. After the printing press was invented, what format of materials dominated? print materials 4. How did the World Wide Web change how information is created and shared? information could be accessed from almost anywhere; anyone can create and distribute information via the internet 5. Use the chart below to compare information from the internet and from publishing houses. Write in your comments which reflect how each of the two information providers rate on costs
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evaluatinginformationstudyguide - Kimbra Ussery Study...

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