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Kimbra Ussery 9/1/2011 Jumpstart Your Personal Finances Peter Bielagus’s presentation on finances was definitely worth seeing. He started off with telling us the best way to double our money supply – invest in the stock market. He said that even through all the ups and downs of the stock market, the general trend is that it will double your investment every ten years. He also said that if we college students do not invest now, then we will miss out on almost half of the money that could be returned. I have always thought I was too young to get involved in the stock market. I do not exactly understand all the workings, and I also do not have money to play with because everything I have is going to pay for school. However, this should not be an excuse. We can cut out the extra things we buy that prevent us from saving money. For example, we do not have to have brand name toilet paper. Also another thing we can do is save at least one penny a day until we have enough money to invest.
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Unformatted text preview: Peter Bielagus also gave us some pretty interesting websites in his presentation. The one I was most excited to check out was unclaimed.org. Sometimes if a company owes you money instead of attempting to track you down, they will hand your money over to the state. You can go this site and type your name in to see if you or your family has any unclaimed funds. Even though I did not have any money to claim, I still want to remember to check this site fairly regularly just in case. Two more great websites he gave us were annualcreditreport.com and creditkarma.com. I did not know this, but ever since you’re eighteen and a half years old, you will have a credit report. Even if you are like me and have never borrowed money or had to make payments on anything, you still should check your report at least annually. Sometimes there can be mistakes on it that are not your fault! This is another thing I’m definitely going to be keeping up with after seeing this presentation....
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