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David Ralston MGT[449] week two

David Ralston MGT[449] week two - Effects of Quality...

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Effects of Quality Management 1 Running head: Effects of Quality Management Effects of Quality Management David Ralston MGT/449 March 20, 2012 James S. Pepitone University of Phoenix
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Effects of Quality Management 2 Effects of Quality Management on Lufthansa and American Airlines The impact of quality management in an organization will ensure intended accomplishments are achieved. Providing quality management within a company will intensify satisfaction for employees and the customers. The objective of every business is to produce the utmost valued product and service available to their customers. In the following study the use of quality management will be examined to explain the effects of two different organizations that operate in a domestic market and another in a global market. The companies are American Airlines that operate domestically and Lufthansa Airlines which operates internationally. Resemblance of Organizations The importance of Quality Management is at the zenith of priorities for both airlines because management is 94% responsible for quality problems (Goetsch, 2010). Lufthansa and American Airlines are two popular organizations in the airline industry, American Airlines operates domestically and Lufthansa operates globally. Both airlines operate to the best of their ability and do well in their efforts to improve operations and business services. Lufthansa airlines
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