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Kimbra Ussery FYE 1220 9/22/2011 Your learning style refers to the preferred way in which you interact with, take in, and process new stimuli or information. Basically, your preferred learning style is simply how you learn best. According to the online ‘Learning Styles Inventory,’ I am a visual learner. This means I learn best by seeing, I can easily recall printed information, I often look up to “see” information, I am able to create mental movies when reading, and I pay close attention to body language to help understand a spoken word. It also means I have a strong sense of aesthetics or beauty, when doodling I tend to draw pictures or faces and not just random squiggles, I am comfortable in classes that emphasize reading and visual presentations, but I am easily distracted
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Unformatted text preview: by movement. Based on my personal learning style, it is vital that I attend all of my classes if I wish to be successful in college. I must attend the lectures and pay close attention to the professor to learn the necessary information. Professors that post their notes in power point presentations, such as in my chemistry class, appeal to my particular learning style. It is easier for me to follow along in the lesson, and when it comes time for the test, I can visualize the pages of the presentation. However, the professor in my history class does not post his notes; he just lectures so this class is a little more difficult to me. I have to take my own notes in the class over what he emphasizes in his lessons. Then to prepare for the test, I have to read over my own notes....
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