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Kimbra Ussery FYE1220 9/22/2011 People tend to assume that characteristics of a person can be determined based on their gender. We see their sex as an indicator of their abilities, interests, and even their emotional characteristics. If we know the gender of a person, we assume we know a lot about them. Looking at stereotypes, girls are supposed to be the timid and passive ones in a relationship. We are supposed to follow our men’s every desire. While the women are supposed to behave in this very submissive way, the men are supposed to be very loud and assertive. If couples really tried to communicate in this way, neither person would be happy in the relationship. You cannot always get your views and feelings across by behaving in this manner.
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Unformatted text preview: For both partners to be happy in the relationship there has to be a correct form of communication and each person needs to be honest with the other. The only way to reach this is for the stereotypes to be ignored and hopefully one day abolished. Girls can step up, take initiative, and tells guys what they really want. Guys do not have to be the animals whose sole purpose is sex; they can be in a real relationship and treat girls like they deserve to be treated. I definitely plan on keeping the ideas from this presentation in mind as I continue through college and even go through the rest of my life. I plan on dating people and one day marrying someone who can also see past these stereotypes....
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