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FYE 1220 Womens’ Right Around the World Reading Prompts for Slave 1. How was the beginning of Mende’s life different from that of Somaly? Compare their cultures. 2. Who are the Mujahedin and why would that attack the Nuban villagers? What motivated them? What was their goal? 3. What did Mende think would happen to her when she was captured by the Arab raiders? 4. What did happen to Mende while she was being held by the Arab raiders? 5. Where is Khartoum and how is it different from the Nuban mountains?
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Unformatted text preview: What kind of people live in Khartoum? 6. When Mende was made a slave to Master Rahab, what year was it and how old was she? 7. What shocked you most about the way she was treated by the Arab family she worked for and their friends? 8. How was Mendes life similar to and different from Somalys? 9. Can you think of ways to stop the stealing of young girls in Africa to be sold into slavery?...
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