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Kimbra Ussery FYE 1220 9/29/2011 After doing the Time Management Module, I have realized that I need to spend more time focusing on my priorities. Even though I am completing all my assignments on time, I could be more productive and even finish assignments earlier if I spent less time on Facebook. Usually before I start any online assignments, I always check my Facebook first. If I cut back to checking it only once or twice a day I would have a lot more time on my hands. Currently I am not able to be involved in as many clubs or organizations as I had hoped due to lack of time. Because of this same reason, I may not able to spend time at the RAC and to keep my body in shape as I had previously planned. If I cut out hours of unnecessary Facebook times a day, I would have more time to
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Unformatted text preview: practice my music for band. I could better fulfill my position in the RHA (Southern Courtyard Hall Communication Coordinator) because I would have more time to devote to it. I could also join the Student Abolitionist Movement because I would then have time to attend the meetings. I would also have more time to focus on my health by attending Flirty Girl Fitness at the RAC and paying more attention to the food I am eating instead of always just eating on the run whenever I have time. Most importantly, all this time I am wasting on Facebook is not helping me reach my long-term goals of graduation from college and getting a good job....
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