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Kimbra Ussery 8/30/2011 The Road of Lost Innocence starts off with Somaly describing her young life. She never knew her parents. She lived with her grandmother in the village of Mondulkiri Province in Cambodia. Her mother was of Phnong descent while her father was a Khmer, but for the Phnong, the mother’s lineage determines ethnicity. Then one day, her grandmother just disappeared. This, however, was not unusual during these times. With no other known family, little Somaly has nowhere else to go. She describes the way she lived as like a savage – she slept and ate wherever she could. Apparently, being an orphan in Cambodia is no unusual fate. Sometimes a man named Taman and his family would kindly allow young Somaly to stay with them on some nights. One day when she was about nine or ten, Taman called Somaly into his hut and introduced her to an older man that is supposedly from the same place as her father. He refers to him as Grandfather which is a sign of respect for their elders. Taman told her if she went with him, he would help her to find her family. Of course, Somaly goes with Grandfather. After walking a long way, they come to a log truck. This frightened Somaly; she had never seen anything like it before so she refused to get on. Grandfather hits her for being disobedient, and she realizes she made the wrong choice by going with him. By this point in Somaly’s life, the year was around 1980. After a trip to Vietnam to help Grandfather deliver some sandalwood, they settled down in the village of Thlok Chrov. Somaly was Grandfather’s domestic servant. It was her job to cook, clean, fetch water, and wash clothes. She had no other choice; she owed him her obedience because he fed her and gave her lodging.
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trolipaper - Kimbra Ussery The Road of Lost Innocence...

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