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urbanlightpaper - Oi has to provide for his stepfather and...

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Kimbra Ussery FYE 1200 10/4/2011 Before attending Alezandra Russell’s presentation on her organization, Urban Light, I did not know that human trafficking and child prostitution affected young boys just as it did young girls. Hearing her testimony and the information she shared with us really opened my eyes to issues in other countries, especially Thailand which is her primary focus. I did not realize the numbers on forced prostitution throughout the world. Generally when you think of prostitutes, you think of people choosing that fate just to make money. However, between what I have learned from my International Women’s Rights Class and Alezandra’s presentation, this is not always the case. She spoke a lot about one of the Thai boys that she had become very close to named Oi. His father died when he was very young so his mother married another man who happened to be a drug dealer. Through him, she got addicted to heroine and ending up overdosing and she died.
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Unformatted text preview: Oi has to provide for his stepfather and his younger siblings. To ensure that his younger siblings could live comfortably, he left his village and went all by himself to the large city of Chiang Mai when he was only nine years old to look for work. It is so sad that a child that young should have such burdens placed upon him. He started off selling things on the streets, but it was not too long before he started working in the bars as a child prostitute. Men of all ages, races, and occupations come to the bars to prey upon the boys. These acts are sickening and should be stopped! Through her organization, you can go on trips to Thailand as a volunteer and spend time helping the boys. Sometime I hope to take a trip through this organization and hopefully make even the smallest difference in the fight for human’s rights....
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