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Kimbra Ussery FYE 1220 9/15/2011 White Like Me Tim Wise In his presentation, Tim Wise defines white privilege as having an advantage based on your skin color. Caucasian Americans make more money in their lifetime and also are less likely to be unemployed than those of other races. White privilege is definitely something that affects me. After all, I am white. After attending his presentation, I realized that I did not know about other races like I should. He said that other races have to learn how white Americans act and function because we have always been the majority. I have never been put into an environment where I am not the majority so I have never had to learn about the cultures of others from outside of an academic standpoint. Just this in itself puts people from a different race at a disadvantage. For our world to be closer to having equality, we must learn from each other. Just because
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Unformatted text preview: we were not the ones to cause for white privilege does not mean we should not do something about it. In his presentation, Tim Wise told a story about living with his roommates after college. Apparently, someone had cooked a pot of gumbo for supper and then just left the remains on the stove; they did not clean any of their mess up. Tim thought since he did not make the mess then he was not responsible for it. However, no one ever took responsibility for it so after days of living in that filth, the leftover food began to smell. At this point, Tim decided to clean up the mess just because he was tired of living like that. We should be tired of living with race issues. Get the government, your community, school, family and friends to act! Get the word out and learn about from other races; always push for fairness and equality....
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