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Tejas is the Spanish land that bordered the United States place called Louisiana.  It was rich and   desirable because of the forests in the east, rich soil for growing corn and cotton, and the grassy   plains for grazing animals. Tejanos are people of Spanish heritage and are called Texas their home.  Other groups that lived in   Texas were the Comanche, Apache tribes, and Plains and Pueblo Native Americans. Americans like Moses Austin had to defend Texas against Native Americans and agree to follow   Mexican laws. In 1821, Stephen Austin and settlers had to become Mexican citizens and member of the   Roman Catholic Church to get Austin’s father’s land grant. The “Old Three Hundred” were the 297 original Texas families.  Most Americans came to  
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Unformatted text preview: Texas to look for a new life, some were trying to escape the law, and others were looking for a chance to get rich. • Tensions increased between the Tejanos and Americans in 1830 because the Americans were used to governing themselves, few spoke the official language of Spanish, and were upset by the banning of slavery. The Tejanos believed that Americans acted to superior and wanted special privileges. They were unwilling to follow Mexican laws and to convert to Catholism. • The Mexican government warned Texas to be careful. When they didn’t listen, the Mexican government closed the state to future American immigrants, taxes were required for the first time, and to enforce the new laws, troops were sent to Texas....
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